Aquaponics Open House III

Summer is over! Time to figure out how to continue gardening through the Fall, Winter and Spring. How do you do that? With Aquaponics, of course!

Like the last Aquaponics Open House, we will have presentations explaining in greater detail permaculture principles, Aquaponics and growing MicroGreens for fun and profit.

When: Sunday, September 29th, 3-6 PM
Where: 401 Bingham St., 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (South side)
Parking: On street

Aquaponics and Microgreens
At the last open house in June, Rich explained how to grow Microgreens using Permaculture principles and Aquaponics.
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3 thoughts on “Aquaponics Open House III

  1. Ugh! Every time! Every time you guys have an open house, I’m stuck with other plans the day of. Man, talk about bad luck.

    Might be helpful if you posted about open houses more than 4 days in advance? Give people some time to shuffle things around. Unfortunately, I have the type of scheduling conflict that can’t be so easily shuffled – girlfriend plans.

      1. Oh, I will! I’ve just been promising her that we’d check out the Renaissance Fair, and this Sunday is the LAST day for the year – so I kind of backed myself into a corner, it seems.

        She loves the 30 gallon NFT system I set up – decided to just go with aquarium fish. Guppies, Silver dollars, a couple of cories and a couple of bristlenose plecos.

        Anyway, I’ll have to stop by soon regardless. Hard to find time to get the the South Side anymore.

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