February Open House

Please join us on Saturday, February 21st from 2-4 PM at our facility in the south side: 401 Bingham Street, Pittsburgh. Plenty of street parking available.

dwarf tobacco plantWe are available to discuss Aquaponics system design, what types of fish to use, what types of plants to grow.

And, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about Aquaponics for the home or office.

Plus, we will be selling blue nile tilapia fingerlings for your systems. Kids get a free goldfish, so bring the whole family!

We are currently growing:

  • Genovese Basil
  • Thai (purple) Basil
  • Parsley
  • Dwarf tobacco
  • Microgreens
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9 thoughts on “February Open House

  1. This might be a stupid question but does open mean free to the public? I am also wondering about if I should bring my 5 year old? I am really interested in aquaponics but I fear the step. Will someone be able to speak about that at this? Thank you for your time…

  2. Yes, Jamie. Free and open to the public! Please keep a close eye on your kids if you bring them.

    We can discuss your fear of “the step” at the open house.

  3. I tried to come to the open house but my GPS took me to a warehouse. I tried to find a phone number but could not. I am very saddened by this. I was planning on taking $200 out of my refund and setting something up. I am close to a degree in alternative medicine and want to work this into my practice but feel very unsure at this point which is of course why I wabtec to come to yhe open house. Please let me know if you have anymore planned. Hopefully you do soon. Thank you

  4. Jamie-
    On the corner of 4th and Bingham there is an office building. That’s the place. Hundreds have found us in the past.

  5. Is the open house still on today? I am not going to be able to attend. The roads here are pretty bad! I am hoping you will have one again very soon…

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