Help Build Aquaponics Systems in Thailand!

SEED International is offering a volunteer tourism trip from January 3rd-16th, 2015 to northern Thailand. Help build Aquaponics systems for a small village and experience Thai culture and cuisine at the same time. Ten people will work as a team to build a deep-water culture system for an elementary school to provide fresh vegetables and fish for the children and teachers.Thai Children

Stay in tree top bungalows in Wiang Pa Pao and help build another Aquaponics system for the volunteers that stay there throughout the year.

Tree Top Bungalows

There’s no need to have previous experience in building Aquaponics systems. SEED International will help guide you through the whole journey. Plus you will get a chance of a lifetime to ride elephants, visit healing hot springs, and take a riverboat tour. If you’re a university student, you can earn credits toward your degree and gain valuable experience in international development, engineering, math, science, and language.

For more details go to or contact Colleen Beck at

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