New Ken Man Brings Aquaponics to Haiti

Aquaponics in HaitiSource: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

One goal of Give Hope Global is an aquaponics project to help make the orphanage self-sufficient.

The first step is to build pools to raise tilapia. Then, the water from the fish pools in channeled into water gardens by way of a solar-power system. The water is recirculated back into the pools. Tom Roberts designed and built the sheds over the aquaponics tanks.

The gardens will allow orphanage residents to grow vegetables in a series of areas 50 feet by 4 feet wide.

“We built the first 12-foot-round pool in October,” Roberts says.

When the operation is at full force, Cambry residents will be able to produce 600 pounds of tilapia and 2,500 pounds of vegetables each month.

“This can result in more healthy food for the orphans, income and jobs for the people there,” Braswell says. “Tom and Scott were instrumental in getting this off the ground. Your town should be proud of Thomas Roberts. Just to see him there — the Haitian kids really gravitated to him.”

Braswell says each module for the pools and gardens cost $22,000. Give Hope Global hopes to build seven initially, then add more. The pools will run on solar-generated electricity, with solar panels installed at the top of the pools.

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