Review of our Open House

This was a nice post from one of the visitors to our April Open House:

When I first started my aquaponics project I really would have liked a strong support network of locals who shared the interest (aquapioneers?). It’s two years later now and there looks to be the beginnings of such a network forming. One of the groups, Pittsburgh Aquaponics, had an open house this weekend and I was able to get in and see what their facility was like…

The main attraction, though, was their 400-gallon system. There are many components, so I’ve labeled and numbered the parts and pieces for explanation below. Feel free to click the pic for a better view.

PA Tour_main system

(1) The backbone of the system: a 400-gallon fish pond. They’ve opted for a light and moveable plastic model as opposed to a literal brick-and-mortar tub. I was told that 400 gallons of water can support 20-30 fish, so I could probably do at least a dozen in my 200ish gallon pond. Right now, though, the tilapia are still growing, so the system is supported by just a few goldfish until the tilapia grow up.

Full article…

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