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New 20-gallon Home Aquaponic System

Before we built our 20-gallon demonstration Aquaponic system for the Farm to Table conference in March, we suspected that people wanted something like this for their homes, schools and offices. After the feedback at the conference, we definitely know that people want this. While the demonstration system was meant to be only that, many asked if they could buy it and take it home! So, we started looking for a system to bring to Pittsburgh. After much research and testing, we assembled a fantastic, cleverly designed home Aquaponics system that fits over any 20-gallon aquarium (tall or regular). The

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Backyard Systems

Top 10 Aquaponics Mistakes

I have been writing about other people’s Aquaponics systems, but never my own. The primary reason is, I keep making mistakes, or is this called learning? So, I wanted to share what I have done wrong over the last year in my AP setup. Some of them will sound funny or “stoopid,” but I know someone will learn from them and not make the same mistakes. Top 10 Aquaponic Mistakes Failure to seal the grow bed. I sealed my fish tank plug with super strong, latex aquarium sealer, but I forgot to do the same for the grow bed!

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