Industrial-Scale Ecosystems

Aquaponics in a warehouse

Here’s some evidence that Aquaponics produce tastes better than hydroponics: “Chefs tell us that the produce that we grow is literally the best produce that they’ve ever eaten.” Source: Fastcoexist “We build industrial-scale ecosystems.” So says Jason Green, CEO and co-founder of Edenworks, a Brooklyn-based urban farming startup. Unlike a typical indoor farm—a sterile environment, sometimes run by people in gloves or even by robots—Edenworks tries to build in as much life as possible. In their new warehouse, set to open in New York City this summer, fish will grow in tanks, bacteria will turn the fish waste into

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Backyard Systems / Education

Open House, Saturday, Sept. 6th

Please come to our open house on Saturday, September 6th from 2-4PM in our new south side facility in the basement of 401 Bingham St., Pittsburgh PA. We have built an indoor Aquaponic system that is filled with plants and fish: We’re growing organically: Kale Basil Lettuce Tomatoes Wheat grass Mustard Greens Blue Nile Tilapia Please come with your questions and curiosity. We’re eager to show and teach you about Aquaponics. If you brings kids, get a free goldfish to take home! Books, aquaponics parts and starter aquaponcics systems will be available for purchase.

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Youngstown High School Opens Aquaponics Greenhouse

Source: The first crop has already been harvested from the aquaponics lab at Choffin Career and Technical Center in Youngstown. Several varieties of lettuce grown by the students were picked and sold to school personnel. “It was delicious,” said Renee English, Choffin spokeswoman. Aquaponics — the cultivation of fish and vegetation in a closed ecosystem — is a new program this year at Choffin. School officials believe it’s the first in Ohio. Antwan Anderson, 16, a sophomore at Choffin, said the students are growing beans and squash as well as the lettuce in a greenhouse on the school

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