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Open House, Saturday, Sept. 6th

Please come to our open house on Saturday,¬†September 6th from 2-4PM¬†in our new south side facility in the basement of 401 Bingham St., Pittsburgh PA. We have built an indoor Aquaponic system that is filled with plants and fish: We’re growing organically: Kale Basil Lettuce Tomatoes Wheat grass Mustard Greens Blue Nile Tilapia Please come with your questions and curiosity. We’re eager to show and teach you about Aquaponics. If you brings kids, get a free goldfish to take home! Books, aquaponics parts and starter aquaponcics systems will be available for purchase.

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Aquaponics Lands in Penn St.

Not all is doom and gloom in Happy Valley these days… Source: Penn St. After spending five days this spring studying aquaponics at the University of Arizona, College of Agricultural Sciences student Jessica Foster and greenhouse manager Scott DiLoreto are developing the first aquaponic system at Penn State… DiLoreto heard from a colleague about the aquaponics course — an intensive, five-day look at “controlled-environment agriculture” — offered at the University of Arizona and suggested that he and Foster attend to learn more before taking on the project. “We were there pretty much from 8 in the morning until 5

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