Aquaponics Open House II

Unlike the first Aquaponics Open House, we will have extensive presentations explaining in greater detail permaculture principles, Aquaponics and growing MicroGreens for fun and profit. When: Sunday, June 9th, 2-5 PM Where: 401 Bingham St., 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (South side) Parking: On street

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Urban Farming with Aquaponics

If Chicago and Milwaukee can make Aquaponics work, there is no reason Pittsburgh can’t. Source: Food First The urban farming movement is gaining momentum. But for areas with limited or contaminated greenspace or a short growing season, aquaponics can be an alternative agricultural system. This new type of urban farm has popped up in underused and empty industrial spaces in a number of declining urban centers. The aquaponic system was pioneered by Will Allen at his non-profit farm Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The vertical farming model pairs fish production with hydroponically grown vegetables. Ammonia excreted by the fish

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