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Open House, Saturday, Sept. 6th

Please come to our open house on Saturday,¬†September 6th from 2-4PM¬†in our new south side facility in the basement of 401 Bingham St., Pittsburgh PA. We have built an indoor Aquaponic system that is filled with plants and fish: We’re growing organically: Kale Basil Lettuce Tomatoes Wheat grass Mustard Greens Blue Nile Tilapia Please come with your questions and curiosity. We’re eager to show and teach you about Aquaponics. If you brings kids, get a free goldfish to take home! Books, aquaponics parts and starter aquaponcics systems will be available for purchase.

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Europe to Invest $7 Million for Aquaponics Demonstrations

Source: European Commission How can we cope with the global future challenges? The growing world population induces competition for water, land, food, and energy. But resources are limited, and unsustainable agricultural practices and climate change are aggravating these problems. Therefore, the European Union (EU) decided to fund a visionary project: for the next 4 years, 18 partners from 8 countries will work on an auspicious new green technology. About 6 million Euros are granted to implement an innovative aquaponics system that has the potential to contribute remarkably to global food security for the 21st century… In the project, four

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Aquaponics article in the Post-Gazette

Very nice article about Hank Brinzer, a hobbyist in Clinton, who built his own mini Aquaponics system. Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The relaxing sound of trickling water echoes through Hank Brinzer’s attached greenhouse in Clinton. Underneath a bench filled with lush plants, goldfish unknowingly feed seedlings as the water splashes into their tank. It’s hydroponics with a fishy component. “I’ve always been a tinkerer,” the semi-retired 67-year-old gardener says with a laugh. His introduction to gardening came at 14 when his mother handed him a shovel to turn over the family’s large garden. He’s gardened at this home for well

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