Home Aquaponics Complete 20-gallon System

Home Aquaponics systemGrow vegetables year-round with this home or office-sized 20-gallon Aquaponic system. Just add fish, plant seeds and harvest your veggies. This system includes everything you’ll need to enjoy your own home-grown vegetables — even in the dead of winter! Included in the system:

(1) Grow tray
(1) Grow tray pot-holder
(1) Grow tray filter cover
(1) Grow tray door
(1) Pre-filter sponge
(1) Bio-filter brick
(13) Net pots for growing
(2) Liters of expanded clay pellets
(1) 1/2″ Fill fitting
(1) 3/4″ Drain fitting
(1) Micro-Jet™ water pump
(1) 12” Pump hose
(1) LED 12v – 24v power supply and LED On/Off switch
(1) Built-in 7 watt bright LED tank light to illuminate the aquarium
(1) Double 24″ high-output T5 fluorescent grow light fixture to grow anywhere, anytime
(1) Adjustable grow light hanging assembly to maximize crop yield by plant maturity
(1) 20 gallon Aquarium (does not include fish, rocks or fish toys)
(1) Seed starter pack (about 15 seeds) of organic basil from Seed Savers Exchange
(1) one liter bottle of Aquaponic water with nitrifying bacteria to kick-start the bacterial colony

Plus, for a limited time, we are including:

  • Free delivery and installation (Only within the city of Pittsburgh. Extra charges apply beyond Pittsburgh @$0.54/mile within Allegheny county only).
  • 30 days of free phone and email support to help you get setup and growing ASAP.


Seedlings in home Aquaponics system Home Aquaponics 20-gallon System: self-installation and without Aquarium If you already have a 20-gallon aquarium (regular or tall), you can buy the home Aquaponic system without aquarium, seeds, installation or starter water for just $395.00 (plus tax and shipping). If you have children or teach in a school, this Aquaponic system is like a science course all by itself. It teaches hands-on, interactive STEM concepts like:

    • Symbiotic relationships


  • The nitrogen cycle



  • Role of bacteria in ecology



  • Function of water in ecology



  • Living systems



  • Plant and animal life cycles



  • Hydrodynamics



  • Science of food production



It also teaches lessons relating to everyday life:

    • Eating healthy, fresh produce


  • Climate change



  • Water conservation



  • Price of food



  • Green energy



  • Sustainable gardening and agriculture



Check out the Home Aquaponics 20-gallon System: self-installation and without Aquarium.       Home Aquaponics Aquarium DIY Manual Home Aquarium Aquaponics DIY Manual Learn how to build your own home aquarium-sized Aquaponics system with this 6-page manual. Provides all the information you need to build a small home aquarium Aquaponics system for about $250 (or $325 with grow lights). Perfect project to do with kids. Sure to win any science fair!

Pay with PayPal

Cost: $10.00

The manual will be emailed to you in .pdf format. It will NOT be mailed to your home.


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  1. I was at the Farm To Table convention and saw this! I was totally amazed by this invention! I love fish and veggies! In the middle of winter, i can count on my Aquaponic system to give me food without going to the store and wasting money on one

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