Plumbing Kits

Plumbing Kits for Siphon based Aquaponics

Plumbing Kits for Aquaponics
Example of an Aquaponics setup: 1 media bed above 1 fish tank connected by a plumbing kit

You don’t need to know anything about plumbing to get started in aquaponics!  We’ve assembled this inexpensive plumbing kit so you can easily connect your grow bed and fish tank (that are approximately equal in volume) to work together moving water in a continuous cycle for your ecosytem.

PLUS, we’ve also included a set of videos to help you every step of the way!

This kit has all the plumbing parts you need to build a thriving Aquaponic system out of any equally sized grow bed and fish tank. That could be any of the following

What is includedSiphon Based Plumbing Kit

  • A PDF manual with links to eight 10 – 15 minute long private YouTube videos to help guide you on everything from selecting your grow bed and fish tank to understanding how the bell siphon works!
  • Step-by-step set of instructions to guide you. This fully illustrated manual takes you through the entire project in detail.
  • One Bell siphon, complete with Media Guard and View Window!
  • 6 ‘ of one inch vinyl tubing to connect to a pump*
  • All the valves, bulkheads, t-connectors, and elbows you will need

Price: $110

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